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After David Hundeyin Story, Ruona Meyer Tweets showing Kiki Mordi Guilt Emerge


Enoch Oyedibu


Tweets of Investigative Journalist Ruona Meyer, showing the controversial lead investigator of the BBC Africa Eye documentary on sexual harassment of university lecturers in Africa, Kiki Mordi, guilty of stealing Journalist Oge Obi’s thunder have emerged.


These emerged a day after Oge Obi recounts her ordeals, again through Investigative Journalist David Hundeyin for the proper record, adding that Kiki Mordi wasn’t worthy of the fame and the role; she was just a victim.


In the report published by West Africa Weekly, Obi, the fresh recruit of the BBC West Africa, then, narrated how she pitched the story and how Kiki Mordi was just one of the victims she needed to solidify the already-gathered facts about the story.


But unknown to Oge Obi, Kiki Mordi had straddled her way from a radio OAP who was called in simply as one of the victims to someone who would occupy Oge Obi’s position as the lead investigator and eventually sit on it three years after through an alleged unruly relationship with Charlie Northcott.


Contrastingly, Kiki Mordi, as did three years ago, has denied all allegations levelled against her.


In her recent tweets, “I have been doxxed and my sexual abuse story released without my consent.


“Every journalist that asked me to name my abuser got the same response. I will do it in my own time. Unfortunately, this has been stolen from me by trolls disguised as journalists. I will be taking action.”


She also tweeted that “All my awarding bodies have received MILLIONS of emails seeking investigation and the results are the same.

“So every time new, vague, misleading and out-of-context info is released and you find yourself racking your head to understand, it’s by design.”


However, Ruona Meyer, who is also a colleague in BBC West Africa tweeted how Kiki Mordi is guilty of the Oge Obi allegations in December 2020. Her tweets have emerged again to fault Obi’s proofs.


Meyer tweeted “Kiki, make sure this time you at least share whatever prize money there is with O.O and acknowledge her – given this was all her story as pitched, sourced/started. Real journalists have the honour and also hold themselves to account, not just the government. #TruthIsSacrosanct

“O.O a fellow female journalist did not get a fair deal, and you remain complicit and a beneficiary of that.


“The facts, complaints, responses and even her thread are there.


“Better make it right because journalism can’t insist on ethics & fairness from others, yet cheat within.


“For any bright sparks, I was in that newsroom when N.O and O.O pitched that story, so don’t try me today… I suggest you try Jesus instead. He is a better option.#RealJournosHaveHonour”


Quick Takeaways


The name kiki Mordi has been notoriously trending on Twitter after David Hundeyin heightened the revelation of Kiki Mordi stealing Journalist Oge Obi’s thunder during the BBC West Africa Eye documentary on Sex-for-grades released on West Africa Weekly on Monday.


The new release dealt further into the gratuitous game of power play perpetrated by corporate entities supposed to have depicted a stance for justice.


It revealed the height of bribery, corruption, bullying and both sexual and verbal harassment going on in one of the corporate entities even in the media sector — BBC.


Kiki Mordi, whose role as the lead investigator of the BBC Africa Eye documentary on sexual harassment of African university lecturers, has been questionable since the release of the film in 2019.


You can read about the release here.

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