About PIJAlance


PIJAlance Magazine, published by PIJAlance Magazine Limited is a subsidiary of Patriot Institute of Journalism and Arts—PIJA registered as an independent media agency in Nigeria with the focus to publish solution-driven and humanity-concerned stories through investigation, data and analysis.


Launched in January 2022, PIJALance is a marginalised-oriented magazine, well-positioned to serving the public interests, at all times. It is currently operating as an online-based platform and all its publications can be found established online.


Its quarterly editions were formerly uploaded on Selar and Amazon to be sold at the rate of #500 and $1. But currently, we’re putting our quarterly uploads of our editions on either Selar or Amazon on hold; this is to ensure members of the public who could not afford the platforms have access to our contents for free. You’ll not find our contents anywhere, except on our website.


What PIJAlance Means?


PIJAlance is a strategic word carefully chosen to reflect who we are and who we wish to become in the hearts of the masses in the future.


PIJAlance is a combination of two words PIJA and lance.


PIJA is derived from the initials of our mother online institute of learning—Patriot Institute of Journalism and Arts. The institute, though has paused in operation for now, is with the vision to train Nigerian youths on digital skills not necessarily taught in schools.


Lance is our choice of words to describe the impact we would like our stories to make. The impact to fish out truths and butcher falsehoods; to sharpen strengths of the weak and disorganise the camp of the unjust-few. lance is a symbol for good up against bad; for justice cleaning the sight of injustice.


About PIJAlance: Why Patriot?


Patriot symbolically stands for our duty, loyalty and willingness to offer a selfless service to our people and seek towards the growth of society through Lancing reporting that matters for development purposes.


About PIJAlance: Our Mission


At PIJAlance Magazine, our mission is to transform communities and brands through the power of media. We aim to tell stories connecting the masses to justice and development


About PIJAlance: Our Vision


Our vision is to be a trusted development partner for communities and our clients, delivering cutting-edge media solutions and using the power of the press to drive growth, influence and impact. We hope to be a global brand, transforming communities inside and outside.

Core Values

  • We build brands and community to drive growth and impact.
  • We rebel against social injustice.
  • We engage in the Journalism of Impact.
  • We are fearless.
  • We are diggers of truth.
  • We are seekers of truth.
  • We get to the deep.
  • We are unique.
  • We are unstoppable.

Note: we retain the right to edit, modify and change any parts of this piece.