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8 Shocking Stories In 2022


As a media outlet dedicated to informing and uplifting our community, we are constantly seeking out the most impactful and thought-provoking stories to share with our readers. Among the many news events we have covered this year, there are a select few that stand out as particularly shocking and bizarre. These stories serve as a reminder of the importance of knowledge and awareness in shaping a healthy and just society. While some of these incidents may be the result of what we might describe as “pointless acts of mediocrity,” others were clearly the result of calculated criminal behavior. It is especially concerning that, in many of these cases, the perpetrators have yet to be brought to justice. We believe it is the responsibility of those in positions of power to ensure that the pursuit of justice is swift and thorough. We will continue to do our part by bringing these important stories to light and holding accountable those who seek to harm our community. Following are particularly shocking stories in 2022:

Nigerian Student
  1. University of Port Harcourt Student Sells Kidney for iPhone

In around October and November of 2022, a male student at the University of Port Harcourt made headlines when it was reported that he had sold his kidney to buy an iPhone 14 for his girlfriend. This shocking and barbaric act is a reminder of the need for thorough education and massive awareness of intelligence about creating a just and healthy society. It is imperative that parents and government officials work to teach students the importance of living a purposeful life and the dangers of making harmful decisions. Like our boy, he has made one harmful decision.

Bamise Ayanwole

  2. Murder of Bamise Ayanwole on Lagos State BRT Bus 

On March 7, 2022, the tragic death of Fashion designer Bamise Ayanwole occurred. She had boarded a Lagos State-owned BRT bus from Chevron en route to Oshodi to visit her brother, but instead, was reportedly raped and killed by the driver, Andrew Omininikoron. Omininikoron has been accused of similar crimes by other victims, with some claiming that he has been committing these acts since 2020 or 2021. Despite the severity of this crime, Omininikoron has not yet faced justice. Bamise was just 21 or 22 years old at the time of her death.

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St Francis Catholic Church, Owo

3. Blood On The Altar

On June 9, 2022 over 300 Christians, including Caroline Agboola, Veginus Nwani, Chidiogo Nwani, Umunna, and Ozurumba Bridget, were brutally killed while worshipping at the St Francis Catholic Church, Owo. While five suspects were apprehended, none of them have faced consequences for their actions. The loss of these individuals is a devastating tragedy that underscores the need for swift and thorough pursuit of justice. Also appearing the first of its kind in the Nigerian history.

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Deborah Yakubu

4. Burnt For Blasphemy

On May 12, 2022, Deborah Samuel Yakubu, a student at Shehu Shagari College of Education, was beaten and burned to death for alleged blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad of Islam. Deborah was a devoted Christian and the perpetrators of this premeditated murder, which is punishable by death, have yet to be arrested.


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5. A sleuth in Jail

In a surprising turn of events, Justice Mobolaji Olajuwon of the Federal High Court in Abuja sentenced the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, to three months in prison for disobeying a court order on Tuesday. This is to us a good one and we hope our law can be this effective to dock any criminals, irrespective of their political dispositions, behind the bar. It will be a wonderful stunt that will revolutionarised the Nigeria stratosphere.

The teens

6. Teens Put organs for sales

Two teenagers from Iyana-Ipaja in Lagos State recently sold their organs for 200,000 Nigerian naira (about $500) to a medical doctor in Abeokuta, Ogun State, without the consent of their parents. The teenagers, Precious Ikechukwu and Theresa Obam, along with an adult member of their church, Mrs. Adeleke Blesing, were arrested for their involvement in the illegal organ trade. It is essential that proper safeguards are put in place to prevent such exploitation and harm to vulnerable individuals. This is to us another barbaric incident worthy of parents and government instantaneous actions. Children should be trained adequately and thoroughly so as to have the needed knowledge it takes to stride within the preying society.


One of the victims

7. 2022 Flood: The year Nigerians experienced hard labour

The year 2022 was marked by severe flooding in Nigeria that affected many parts of the country. According to government data, the floods displaced over 1.4 million people, killed 603 people, and injured more than 2,400 people. In addition, 82,035 houses were damaged and 332,327 hectares of land were affected. This experience doubled Nigerians experience of uncontrollable flood in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Until today, the Dasin Hausa dam which is the Cameroon dam known to be the major cause of the Nigeria flood has yet to be completed since 1986 and no plans by both government to complete it, hitherto.



8. Nightmares In Comedy Industry: Two Comedians Bite the dust

Currently, Comedy industry is faced with a long duration of terrible nightmare with an aural of horror, ranting a killing cry. No one knows when it will end but we hope it ends with the last. In the industry, there have been several recent tragedies, including the deaths of two promising comedians and MCs.

Both known by their stage name mimicking and peteru died in not less than a month.

Mimicking identified as Muritala Olamilekan Michael was shot dead in a robbery attack owning to uncontrollable, alarming and in what seems like an unending war against insecurity.

Peteru also known to be Oluwatobi Owomeyela wasn’t shot dead. His life was just claimed untimely by a cancer disorder.



Above the 8 and most barbaric, ASP Drambi Vambi killed a pregnant Lawyer Omobolanle Raheem on Christmas day.

Omobolanle Raheem
The face of the killer-cop

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