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6 Tips To Satisfy Her On Bed


Favour Agwuna


Imagine satisfying your woman on bed without any feeling of embarrassment and shame because of your ability to last long while having sexual intimacy. Lasting long on bed is one of the best thing that can make men feel on top of the world as all men seek to make their partner happy on bed.


Consequently, with the following tips you will learn from this article, your agony of being unable to satisfy your partner on bed will come to an end.



A lot of reasons result in premature ejaculation in men and this makes them not perform well on bed. Such reasons include; inexperience, nature of the food they consume and high level of testosterone. Note that testosterone is the male hormone that regulates their sexual urge and performance, excess or lower than it is supposed to be is not good in the male body system. Scientists also added that psychological (include depression, anxiety and fatigue) and biological factors could lead to premature ejaculation. This is usually common in men and when you ejaculate in less than a minute, it is tagged premature ejaculation.


Men who don’t frequently have sex or sexually abused also suffer from premature ejaculation.


HOW TO PERFORM BETTER ON BED: 6tips to satisfy her on bed

  1. Exercise (Pelvic Floor Exercise): Exercise makes your pelvic muscle which lies below your rectum and your prostrate strengthen thereby increases your bed lasting.
  2. The use of Condom has been confirmed to improve long-lasting on bed as it stops the hypersensitivity of the penis by dulling it and prolong ejaculation.
  3. Use of Viagra: Viagra (that is sildenafil) which is usually used to treat erection, has also been proven to delay ejaculation in male and it is more efficacious than many other methods used in treating premature ejaculation.
  4. Excessive and regular smoking. Smoking leads to premature ejaculation as it can impair the circulation of blood and decrease your sperm count and viability.
  5. • Eat food rich in Zin: Zinc is one of the few trace or minor elements that are known to be important in the human body, it is needed in the body to maintain the body system functioning. Inadequate intake of amount of zinc (normally, the range of zinc intake per day should be 14-40 mg/kg) needs in the body can lead to sexual dysfunction and decrease the level of male hormone (testosterone). However, excessive intake of zinc supplement is not good for your body but rather, eat food rich in zinc such as meat, Fortified breakfast cereals, Dairy products and Oysters.
  6. Also consumption of banana which produces an enzyme called Bromelain that increases male libido and decrease premature ejaculation, as banana contains potassium (an essential element needed in the body) that helps to manage blood flow in the body.

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