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5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes

These amazing flowers could help you repel mosquitoes away from your vicinity organically without wasting your resources on buying chemical substances to substitute them.


Bushra Ghazal, Saturday Beat

Did you know that there are flowers that are mosquito repellants? You probably don’t, but this is to say they exist. They are in fact, simply regard as far as this article is concern, flowers that repel mosquitoes.


Although, there are more than five of these mosquitoes repellants flowers, in this article we’ll introduce you to just five that we’ve tested and tried.


To add with, Mosquitoes infestation is indeed one of the most serious pest with full of menace, especially with that buzzing every night, tossing here and there. Irrespective of claps or attempt to wave it off, our dear “chirping chip,” will win.

5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes
PIJAlance. Image credit: DALL-E.

Its winning them, has become the leading cause to why Nigeria records about the highest incidences of malaria outbreak in the world. And as experts have said, what kills faster than Covid-19 is, MALARIA. This is why Mosquitoes must never be treated with levity.


Mosquitoes, particularly the female anopheles specie are the carriers of the pathogens that are infected into the body through a mosquito bite and then causes malaria.


But without dilly-dallying, following are five beautiful flowers, with amazing scents that can be good mosquito repellants.

5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes
PIJAlance. Image credit: DALL-E.

1. Marigold:

Marigolds are beautiful, yellowish or sometimes orange flowers that are easy to grow and are very economical. It has been said that “mosquitoes and aphids hate the smell of marigolds”.


These flowers, if planted in the garden or verandah can serve as great mosquito repellants.


It is also interesting to note that marigolds are non toxic flowers with great health benefits when eaten.

5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes
PIJAlance. Image credit: DALL-E.

2. Rosemary:

Rosemary is also an edible flower plant. It has a strong scent that keeps mosquitoes, cabbage moths and carrot flies away.


To make a mosquito repellant in liquid form from this flower, you should boil its leaves and stems in a quart of water for up to 30 minutes, then strain out the liquid and pour it in a spray bottle and you are good to go.

5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes
PIJAlance. Image credit: DALL-E.

3. The Nastartiums:

Nastartiums come in pink and red colours. They release a chemical into the atmosphere that works as repellant to not only mosquitoes, but also many other insects.


Nastartiums can be planted in vegetable gardens, vases or containers, flower beds or on the verandah. They are annual plants, very easy to grow.

5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes
PIJAlance. Image credit: Web.

4. Lemon Grass:

Lemon Grass is a very common grass plant in Nigerian environments. Many people use it as traditional medicine by boiling the leaves and drinking the water from the concoction to cure minor illnesses like fever.


They are known for their beautiful and powerful fragrance. It has been said that their strong scent can serve as mosquito repellant.


Lemon Grass can be planted in gardens, flower beds, verandahs and they also do well in flower pots.


5 Rare Flowers that Repel Mosquitoes
PIJAlance. Image credit: DALL-E.

5. Sage:

Sage is a beautiful flower with grayish-green leaves, woody stems and they are known to be minty.


Sage plants have a strong scent and they produce oils that can be reduced into mosquito repellants.


Sage plants are edible too, used mostly as culinary herbs.


Some of these flowers can be found all around. And for those of them that are not found around, their seedlings are said to be available at Kenya Seeds, Kijabe or in tree nurseries.


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