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3 factors to note in writing SEO articles





Writing a Search Engine Optimization article, otherwise known as SEO is not an easy task judging by a lot of things to consider in the google algorithm. Sometimes, these things may be so hard for many that they may see writing SEO articles as a mountain they cannot climb.


This article is intending to help you climb the mountain and help you see from another perspective that writing an SEO article is a possibility you can achieve, whether you have been thinking it isn’t possible, before


At the end of this article, you would have learnt 3 simple strategies in writing SEO articles and the necessary factors to consider in engaging in the exercise.


So, sit tight and ride along with the article.


What is SEO?


SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a form of optimising media contents on google for the safe search of visitors or online users. With SEO, every article written and published on websites/blogs will gain online organic readership faster than articles that don’t.


According to Mailchimp, SEO is the process used to optimize a website’s technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.


Simply put, SEO is what makes your search for “How can I lose weight in 30 days?” And you find almost billions of results—articles that are already written on how to lose your weight in 30 days.


You’ll even find some in 10 days, 3 days, with its homemade remedy and more. SEO is what makes you see what you search for and also if you’re a website owner, what makes your content visible to organic users.


Why do You need to write an SEO article?


Writing an SEO article is important and by personal attribution, this article mandates it especially for every website owner who depend on large traffic to thrive.


The truth is, large traffic will not come unless you optimise your content on google and SEO will only help you to do that.


Approximately, research shows that there are over 1 billion visitors on google every hour, bringing queries hoping google will provide answers to them all.


The sad truth is, Google has no answers to provide if you don’t optimise your content with them. Google provide answers to their queries with the help of your optimised contents.


Only articles optimised with google will gain the prominence of the competitive front page and as well be made available to users to solve their queries.


Google is very particular about its users so, this is why it established SEO that can help both website owners and users achieve their aims.


Website owners who want enormous traffic must write an SEO article because that will bring organic traffic which can be unsolicited for the website owners but is reinforced by the value of the content and the adherence to SEO algorithms.


And if you Monetise your website, organic traffic is a plus for you.


On the other hand, users also will find answers to their queries easily without stress.


In short, articles already written properly in the SEO pattern are what made it easy for you to search for a word and find many results on google. More of the reason why you search for an SEO article and find this article.


You might not know this website exist before but through SEO articles, you get to know the existence of the website. Organic traffic already fell in.


This is why website owners need to start writing SEO articles.


3 factors to note in writing SEO articles


After getting familiar with SEO and why you need to write SEO articles, if you’re a website owner reading this and you’ve not been writing SEO articles before, you might have been eager, developing a kind of uneasy emotions to start writing SEO articles.


But, while you’re thinking that you want to start writing, perhaps panic has set in.


“How do I go about it?” You might have asked yourself this and a series of other questions.


Don’t worry.


This article is ready to take you by hand and teach you how to start writing SEO articles even if you’re a newbie.


Below are the 3 factors to note in writing an SEO article:


1. Keyword phrase


In writing an SEO article, the first step is to do keyword research. Keyword or keyword phrases are specific words search engine users look for on google to solve their queries.


For example, “SEO” is a keyword while “what is SEO?” Or “SEO article” keyword phrases.


Your job as a website owner or an SEO writer is to research first the most searched words on google. If you don’t know one, you can google the keywords planner tool or go to semrush.com you’ll see thousands of them.

Just choose one and search for keywords that are most popularly searched for then, you can write your article around the keyword. If you do it well, then, next time visitors are searching for that same keyword, they will find your website. Although it is always hard to compete with websites that have already written on the keywords, this is why you need to rephrase your keyword.


For example, if the most searched word is: “How to lose weight in 30 days” that is a keyword phrase, don’t forget. Then you can rephrase yours like this, “How to lose weight in 3days” or “Homemade remedies to lose weight in 3 days”.


If you notice all these keyword phrases, the main keyword phrase there is WEIGHT LOSS and in all of them, this keyword phrase is reflected.


2. Backlinks


Backlinks also known as “inbound links” are linking strategies to link your website with another website. It is just the link of another website you get and inserted on your website and linked it together with your content.


Using backlinks has been ranked by Google as one of the topmost important 3 strategies you need to write SEO articles.


When you use backlinks in your articles it tells Google that your content is valuable and credible thus will be made more available on the search results than any other content.


However, you need to watch out.


You cannot use any link to form backlinks on your website.


According to Google, your link must be from an authoritative domain. If you pick your links from the spammy domain, you’ll not be ranked. You might want to read more about backlink here.


3. Internal Links


While Backlinks are important for conferring the prominence of other websites to your websites, internal links are experts in maintaining the prominence.


Think of backlinks as wires from your power supplier to your house and internal links as in-house wires that supply power to the entire house.


It has been advised that when your website has had enough backlinks, you should focus on building your internal links because the more internal links, the more you send messages to Google about how important that page is on your website.


Internal linking is just linking a page on your website to another page on your website.


You might want to read more on internal links here and here.


All have been compiled together for your reading.



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