2023: Sogbadero says Politics in Nigeria needs masses’ intervention

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Enoch Oyedibu


Honourable Olufemi Eniolapo Johnson also known as Sogbadero has described the status of Nigeria Politics as a thing that needs the masses intervention and it is about time the people decided their future.

Honourable Olufemi reiterated that it has gotten to the juncture where the people would be woken up to the matters of politics in Nigeria.

Noting that the people have the power to at all times create a better playing ground and decide whosoever will rule them.

“One day our people will make the politicians realise that they have the power and the people’s power is to determine who governs them”.

This he stated during his chat with newsmen while defining his stands on the setbacks that have marred the political process in Nigeria.

Hon. Olufemi said that the electorates have yet to understand that lawmakers don’t have their interest at heart but their self-interest which they protect by all means in the house.

“I told the public that they have yet to have lawmakers that will represent them well in the house.

“And the matter of law is what is so important, especially in this country or any countries. Because Law is what direct us, what guides our business, it will be the one to tell us when you’ll enter your house when you’ll sleep when you’ll wake up; the law will instruct how to you’ll live your life.

“This is why I said people that are good and that have the interest of the public are supposed to be the one in the position of making the law. But, we see that self-interest is replete among lawmakers now. They don’t take care of what they ought to….”

Meanwhile, the business mogul said the matter remains in the hands of the public because people must turn from the ways the politicians are politicising and monetising their ruling on them.

“No one will make the changes that we need, it is in our hands as the masses and the downtrodden majority of this nation.”

Sogbadero advised the people to get their interest rights and be equipped with all necessary things to change the government when the time comes.